Reclaimed & Rediscovered


Reclaimed wood is wood that was previously used in the building of another structure which, when disassembled, is recycled and used in a new building. This is particularly common when large, wooden beams are used, and are transplanted from a building such as a barn into another building of a similar size. However, reclaimed wood can be used to make floors, furniture, or a variety of other things.

Using reclaimed wood is one of the purest forms of recycling in the construction industry.

Demolishing one structure carefully, and then using the parts to build new ones, can have many advantages. For one thing, new lumber isn’t required, so new trees don’t have to be cut. For another, reclaimed wood may not have to be shaped, only transported, which saves on time and labor costs.

We’re proud wood geeks. We especially love locally salvaging and reclaiming exceptional wood that’s interesting and unique, so we can make these one-of-a-kind pieces available to you. Also, we’re interested in buying these type of remarkable pieces from you.