slabsWe offer one of a kind, highly figured, unique live edge slabs, in California Walnut (Claro), Chinese Ornamental Pistachio, and Western Maple, salvaged, cut and milled by California arborists.

These wood slabs are one-of-a-kind pieces, some are over 20 feet long. Hardwood slabs are great for creating bar tops, table tops,counter tops and mantles. Some of our slab lumber inventory is pictured below.

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The Slabs

California Walnut

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California Walnut are known as “mission” walnuts, and were named for the Franciscan Fathers who cultivated them in the late 1700s. Today much of the California walnuts come from the Central Valley, the state’s primary growing region. The region’s mild climate and deep fertile soils provide ideal growing conditions for California walnuts. The California walnut trade continues to be a well established, ordered, and structured business, making the California walnut the highest quality walnut available in the world.

Chinese Pistachio

Chinese Pistachio (Pistache) is an amazingly hard wood. It has great yellow, black, and white striping with a great sapwood to heartwood transition. It is native to China but has established itself as a great export found and used in our local neighborhoods. It grows well in Northern California and I would rank it as one of my personal favorites because of its color and density.


Western Maple

Western Maple, also known as Pacific Coast Maple and Bigleaf Maple, ranges from southern California to British Columbia and is the northwest’s second most abundant species of hardwoods.  Bigleaf Maple’s rapid early growth rate can provide sawtimber size trees in 25 to 30 years on a good site.  Dense stands produce lumber with straighter grain and fewer knots.

Slab Gallery

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