Also called Black Cherry, this hardwood is known for its beautiful, rich color and good working properties. Cherry trees contain heartwood with a superior, consistent red color, better overall appearance, little gum and less sapwood. Cherry is chosen for its fine uniform texture.

Common Uses

Cabinetry, fine furniture, flooring, interior millwork, veneer, turned objects, and small specialty wood items.


Heartwood is a light pinkish brown when freshly cut, darkening to a medium reddish brown with time and upon exposure to light. The grain is usually straight and easy to work. Has a fine, even texture with moderate natural luster.


Cherry is known as being one of the best all-around woods for workability. It is stable, straight-grained, and machines well. The only difficulties typically arise if the wood is being stained, as it can sometimes give blotchy results—using a sanding sealer prior to staining, or using a gel-based stain is recommended. Sapwood is common, and may contribute to a high wastage factor.